Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Andora Project Plan

I've decided to work on Andora Project Release project. I will be working on the andora logos and andora release package.

For now we had a meeting with John Selmys and we talked about the basic requirements for this project and also the expectation of this project.

I have checked the current Fedora Andora Remix from school and the first thing I'm planning to do is to design a new logo to replace the current "Hotdog" logo. 


I've updated the project plan on Wiki page.

Project Details

This part of project is to design custom logos and wallpaper to replace all of the existing Andora Fedora Remix, as well as the package of Andora-Fedora Remix release files that define the release. 

Project Plan 

0.1 Research what logos and wallpaper need to be changed. How the logos and wallpaper will be integrated into Andora Remix. Provide several logo drafts. Also do research on which release packages need to be released.
0.2 Take the 0.1 release and make any changes or correction that need to be done and test it and release the beta package.
0.3 Final logos, wallpaper and release packages release. (2 packages in total) 

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