Saturday, 10 November 2012

Project Release 0.1 Updates..

I will post two packages in this blog. For more infomation related to release 0.1 please check my previous blog.

==>Release 0.1

I still need to modifiy the andora logo in order for it to meet the requirement. It seems like I can keep using the Andoid Robot logo if follow their guidelines.
==>Brand Guidelines

To build the logo package, I installed a new Fedora 17 with KDE environment since the package requires KDE package.

p.s. I start to like the KDE more than Gnome desktop. :)

andora-logos package 

The following shows the successful build of logo package.
attachment (584×423)
Download link:

andora-fedora-remix-release package 

 attachment (572×475)
Download link:


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