Saturday, 15 December 2012

Final Release 0.3

This this the final release of Andora packages..

Andora Logo package

In this release, I tested the build on ARM and primary architecture by using koji. Both of them are successful.

Koji build for ARM:
Koji build for Primary architecture:

Download Link:

SPEC file: andora-logos.spec
SRPM: andora-logos-17.0.0-2.fc17.src.rpm
RPM: andora-logos-17.0.0-2.fc17.noarch.rpm
Tarball:  andora-logos-17.0.0.tar.bz2

andora-fedora-remix-release package

I signed the rpm and added the gpg key in the package. I hosted the repo on my matrix server.
The following are final release of this package.

Download Link:

Project Contrubition:

I've help Gloria with the andora release notes logo since we are working different packages of the same project.


I've designed a wallpaper for Andora. This can be used in the wallpaper package.


My Project Wiki page: Andora Project Wiki Page
Fedora Remix: Feodra Remix
Planet CDOT:

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